History of Flowers in Brief

You are in the park. You see someone that strikes you to the point you can’t keep your eyes away. A romantic relationship to begin? Maybe, but you will never know till you bequeath her with a beautiful bouquet of red roses that will hope will stimulate her emotions towards a gesture of ‘YES!’.

Benjamin Landa Flowers

The emotional sensation of flowers can be tracked backed to biblical times, where the symbolic use of flowers and plants is mentioned in Egyptian inscriptions, Chinese writings and in Greek and Roman mythology.

Many believe that the designation of flowers began in Turkey during the seventeenth century, where flowers and love combined to form a romantic engagement. Women were enchanted by the types of flowers the men would give them and a courtship would begin. (Needless to say, this human courting is still the status quo of today).

During the Middle Ages, herbs were believed to provide magical powers and doctors of this period prescribed many types of herbs to heal everything from the common cold to lepercy.

During the Victorians period, the people started to use flowers as symbols in order to provid a secret language of communication. There werer strict policies regarding romantic encounters and that consequently discouraged any public displays of emotion. In so doing, people used floral symbols to communicate their feelings instead of the spoken word. In addition, this period of history was known for the careful selection of bouquets by the men who would impress the woman with these bouquets that he would hope would strike enough emotion for the woman to begin a courtship.

The use of herbs also was popular during this time. Royalty had no doubts of the medical cures they believed that they provided and Victorians proudly placed them in their flower gardens, perhaps as an omen to ensure they don’t get sick.

Subsequently, flowers and plants have provided pleasure to people throughout the world up to this day, due to their exquisite beauty, not to mention their aroma and there is no doubt that romance and flowers play a significant role in dating and yes, marriage.

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